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The rapidly expanding world of 3D printing has left many confused as to its actual purpose and limits. A recent event shows one of the many uses of the field - the creation of fitted prosthetics. Grecia, a toucan from Costa Rica that reached internet fame, had its upper beak removed by an unknown… As early as the coming month, Chinese scientists will be the very first people to test cells that are modified using CRISPR on people. They will inject people with the cells using the gene-editing technique. The first patients who are to be tested are those with lung cancer according to an… Since 2010, the number of rhinos that have been poached has reached over 5,000. This figure continues to increase each year and the situation is already alarming. The experts have given warnings that if this does not end, the rhinos will be extinct by year 2026. The Australian Rhino Project has been… It is not looking bright for Europe’s bird population right now, especially for vultures. This is due to a cattle drug that has been used as an anti-inflammatory. This drug was pointed to as the cause of the near extinction of vultures in what is considered an ecological disaster in India.… Ray Kurzweil is an acclaimed scientist who feels that, based on the acceleration of technology; human beings are primed to take a gigantic leap forward in terms of what we’re capable of. The best example he provides is that a smartphone can fit in your pocket, and is exponentially more… It is bad enough that people have to suffer with severe snowstorms during the winter where they can barely get out of their homes. However, when snow storms cause flooding, people’s homes suffer irreparable damage or are destroyed completely, leaving the owners homeless. It is truly… The Denver Zoo has a new surprise! There is a baby tamandua in the Denver Zoo. It is the second birth ever for a southern tamandua, a species of anteater, for that zoo. The baby tamandua was born March 12th, 2015 and his name is Salvador. He has bonded well with Rio, his mother. It is the second… The nature is the most important thing we have. Everything we have comes from the nature, so we must start paying more attention to it. Luckily, our nature requires so little effort, so we can do many things in very little time. The most important thing we can do is to stop destroying our nature.…
Why drink soy milk and eat soy products? Source: Fitday

Why drink soy milk and eat soy products?

Soy milk and soy products have many essential vitamins and nutrients to help you to stay healthy. While there may be concerns about drinking soy milk or eating soy products, the benefits really do outweigh any possible negative aspects.

What nutrients are in soy milk and soy products?

Some of the greatest nutrients found in soy milk and soy products include protein, calcium, riboflavin, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, and Omega 3s. The protein you find in these products is a higher quality than the protein you find in other products.

Worried about lactose?

There are many people who have sensitivities to lactose. Soy milk and soy products are lactose-free. If you have an allergy to milk or lactose, soy is a wonderful and tasty alternative.

What are the health benefits of soy milk and soy products?

Some of the many health benefits that you will find in soy products include no dietary cholesterol, no trans fats, or saturated fats; this means a lower risk of having heart disease. The ingredients in these products have also been shown to reduce the chance of getting hormone-type cancers, such as breast cancer.

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How to eliminate mold from your lawn

Whatever the color and shape, when lawn fungus or mold invades, you must act promptly to get rid of it. Otherwise, you risk having it spread. If you allow it to spread, it will kill your grass and make it very difficult for you to bring your lawn to its former glory. There are several types of mold;…

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Three flowers that can survive the heat of summer in your garden

Let’s face it, while summer can be a great time to implement your green thumb and grow things, the heat can be incredibly tough on some plants to thrive in the conditions or adapt. This leaves many gardeners having to strategize their planting choices, to best take on summer’s cruel…

Deer and rabbit resistant plants for containers

Living close to areas where deer and rabbits roam can provide a nice view of these critters pretty much every day. But it is not too nice if they have also made your deck a supply of food. It is a known general rule that they will usually run away from gray or silver leaves, so you might want to…

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Why do gardeners plant marigolds?

There are not many plants that are as easy to grow as marigolds. Moreover, these plants are help to keep insects away. These flowers are good bloomers, showing cheerful copper, gold, yellow, and brass flowers from spring until autumn. . Marigolds resemble daisies and carnations and its flower-heads…

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How to grow asparagus

Keep these points in mind while you grow asparagus: Asparagus is a stem vegetable and is planted early in the spring. The plant is grown from the “crowns” of year old plants. Dig a shallow pit 6 to 12 inches wide. Remove all the weeds and grass from the soil bed where these crowns are to…

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What can you learn from “Naturally Savvy”?

“Naturally Savvy” is an organization that arose as a response to America’s rocketing cases of obesity and the increase in chemical-polluted foods we are being sold in stores. It makes people aware of the dangers of using substances, such as high fructose corn syrup, artificial…

Proposition 37 in California

Proposition 37 requires food manufacturers to have their products labelled as genetically engineered unless these edibles are truly natural or certified organic. This measure was formed for the purpose of protecting the rights of consumers to be aware whether or not the food they buy and consume is…

Make your own organic all-purpose cleaner

An organic all-purpose cleaner is the best alternative to commercial cleaners which have many chemical components. Being organic reduces the risk of causing any health hazard effects. Generally, it is recommended that the people should make their own cleaner so that they can use it anywhere and…

Gommaire Organic Living

Furniture is an aspect of our lives that we mostly take for granted: you come home, you relax on the couch, and you sleep in your bed. Every now and then we’ll upgrade one of these items, or replace it if the wear and tear becomes too great. However, generally speaking, we don’t think…

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Why drink soy milk and eat soy products?

Soy milk and soy products have many essential vitamins and nutrients to help you to stay healthy. While there may be concerns about drinking soy milk or eating soy products, the benefits really do outweigh any possible negative aspects. What nutrients are in soy milk and soy products? Some of the…

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Health benefits of organic foods

It’s difficult to eat healthy in a world where a hamburger is the most popular food. We meet our friends in restaurants and we enjoy our evenings eating pizza. Does it sound familiar? I bet it does. The problems appear when you realize how damaging this way of life is. You can improve your…

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Finding an organic store near you

We all know how important it is to eat healthy and to select the ingredients that you use in your kitchen carefully. Even when you try to cook using only vegetables and plants, you might be surprised to know that these contain chemicals. To avoid any processed foods or chemicals, you must try to…

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Easy ways to improve greens at home

If you are looking forward for easy ways to improve greens at your home, then you are at the right place. Having greens in and around home is not only visually appealing, but also holds an importance in our health. Moreover, the greens also look great and there is no harm in having more. • If…

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